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Auto save and backup: important for Photoshop artists

Which version Photoshop can be auto saved by ATopSoft AutoSave?

All versions of Photoshop.

Which version Photoshop can be auto backuped by ATopSoft AutoSave?

Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS (8.0), Photoshop CS 2 (9.0), and Photoshop CS 3.

Top 3 reasons you need autosave and auto backup feature in Photoshop

  • Windows often crashes -- the hell of BSoD

  • Every Microsoft Windows users are familiar with Blue screen of death (BSoD) which Windows often shows it to you. If you don't remember how BSoD looks like, here has some screen shots.
    It seems funny, but really a hell. BSoD means what you can do to continue your work is pressing the hardware 'Reset' button and all of your unsaved work will go away for ever.
    Even if Windows doesn't give out the blue screen, you may also often experience the dead system that can't response anything. Again, you have to press 'Reset', you will lose your unsaved work.

  • Photoshop may crash too

  • Photoshop is one of the greatest software in the world, but it is programmed by human-beings, so it also has bugs, and some of the bugs may cause it crash.
    If you search 'Photoshop crash' (without the quotation marks) in Google newsgroup, you can see how many users complain about that.
    Whenever Photoshop crashes, you will lose all of your unsaved work.

  • Graphics artists often forget to press 'Ctrl + S' manually

  • Photoshop artists are often immersed in artistic design; the only thing in their mind is painting, painting, and painting. They often forget one important thing, that is, save the document to the hard disk. So in case any system crash, they will lose hours of hard work.

    How does ATopSoft AutoSave protect your work, time and money?

  • Automatically save your work periodically

  • If you set the auto save period to 5 minutes, when Windows or Photoshop crashes, your lost will be limited to only 5 minutes work time.

  • Automatically backup your work before saving

  • If you enable the backup function in AutoSave, before auto saving the document, AutoSave will copy the original file with a different file name, for example, testimage1.psd.bak, then save the document to the original file.
    This is very useful feature because the Undo function in Photoshop can not always work and you can't get back previous work after any unintentional fatal mistake.
    If you have ATopSoft AutoSave installed, you can keep the version history in as many as files you like.

  • Large images also need to be auto saved

  • Many Photoshop users claim that Photoshop is mainly designed for very large image and autosave for large image in Photoshop may interrupt your work for minutes.
    So never save the document because 'save it will cost several minutes'?
    The answer is definitely not. The larger image you are work on, the more time and money you spend on it, so it's more important to protect it.
    For large image, you can set the autosave interval to a longer time, for example, half an hour, then you can limit your lost to only half an hour.

  • Backup large images, without any interruptions

  • ATopSoft AutoSave is more comfortable to backup large documents because it works outside of Photoshop in the background. So backup will never interrupt your workflow.

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